About us


Our mission

VGuard is a security monitoring company. We monitor CCTV, alarms and people. We are linked to real time sensor activated camera systems which enable our VGuard Security Response Team to prevent crime before it happens. These crimes can range from acts of vandalism or organised gangs stealing to order. VGuard Security Solutions is completely secure.

Our operators view live footage in our Control Centre via an ADSL broadband connection. If an issue arises, operators immediately take control of the camera system in order to assess what is happening. They capture crucial footage such as facial images, types of clothing, vehicle registrations and so on. Operators also have the ability to speak to the intruders, issuing audio challenges using an integrated speaker system. Our operators can then relay the exact details to keyholders and security services to ensure a speedy and efficient response to the intrusion. Crucially, all footage is saved and system activity logged.

The information captured is then available for review or submission in a criminal prosecution at a later date. We utilise the most recent technology and use the most highly trained operatives to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism and quality service. VGuard Security works in conjunction with your preferred security company. This means you can use people you are already familiar with whilst safe in the knowledge they are working with a professional partner.