Smart solutions
Security with Technology

Perimeter Surveilance


With State of the art CCTV Cameras we can now see when an intruder Climbs over your fence and be alerted immediately instead of looking at the recording the next day after the fact..

Off-Site Monitoring


With State of the art software our Control room receive perimeter activations. They are able to view the event as it happens and dispatch the appropriate number of response vehicles...

No More...


Sleeping on the job

Corruption through Bribes & Backhanders

Guards being Overpowered by Criminals

Guards arriving late or not at all

The Future of Security

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Virtual Guarding

It has become apparent that criminals are finding new ways of gaining access to your property. Through research and development, we have found the next step in fighting crime. Gone are the days where we looked at the Cctv the next day after we have been robbed. We can now use this Technology to help us fight crime by being alerted and by being able to view the events real time as they happen. We can assist Security companies by telling them if the suspects are still on the property,how many suspects are on the property, if they are armed. No longer can criminals hide in the dark till response vehicles have left or ambush them. With this technology we can help keep you and your property safe.

State of the art Artificial Intellegence straight to you Phone

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Reduce upto 95% of False Alarms

Get alerts sent to your phone when a human or vehicle has been detected. No more false alarms caused by spiders and animals. With our AI software, we reduce unwanted alerts so that you only get alerts that matter unlike traditional alerts that pop every 5 seconds and you end up disabling the feature. We believe that cameras should be used proactively and not re-actively.